Mission and Vision

To be recognized as the leading provider of excellent, holistic, customer-oriented Information Technology Solutions cultivating mutual relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues.

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing our people into a team-based organization instilled with the values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork and customer-orientation.
  • Integrating hardware and software technologies into exceptional and innovative products and services.
  • Establishing profitable business alliances
  • Ultimately, by improving the lives of people through technology, we shall attain sustainable and progressive economic growth for all our stakeholders.

The Management

ENIGMA is a team-based organization focused on the roles and competencies of its people. Throughout the years, the company has been able to gather some of the best people in the industry, hone their skills and cross-train them in other aspects of the business. The result is a synergistic group living in a culture of EXCELLENCE, PROFESSIONALISM, TEAMWORK and CUSTOMER ORIENTATION.

This corporate culture is crystal clear and well-defined. It is burned into the heart and soul of every ENIGMA employee. To them, this hierarchy of values has a unique meaning that guides their actions, and sets their frame of mind to always be the best:

EXCELLENCE is exceeding expectations. Our commitment to excellence assures our clients that our products and services are designed to exceed their expectations because we intend to deliver the very best.

PROFESSIONALISM is performing to achieve best results. We develop our people to be competent, hard-driving ITSP Professionals. This is how our clients can be sure that we will deliver what we promised.

TEAMWORK is working together to achieve a common goal. Our people work together in multi-lateral teams to ensure the widest range of product perspectives. This is what gives us the ability to address broad areas of customer concerns with optimum efficiency and manageable costs.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION is valuing the Customer. The customer is the reason for our existence so it is only fitting that they define the dimensions of our corporate existence. Our job is to satisfy our customers. Always.