Not just an IT Solution Company.. YOUR GAMING SOLUTION TOO…

Here at Enigma Dubai, we’re not just an IT Solution and Services Expert. We can also provide your gaming needs as per your requirements. Just call us, tell us what you need and we will give you quotation with a remarkable and competitive price on the market.

We have a professional IT Engineer Team that will take care of your gaming RIGs. Once done, no need to come to us to pick it up, just sit tight and it will be at your front doorsteps. FREE. No hidden charges.


Gaming world has a lot of different genres. At Enigma, we will make sure that whatever your gaming genre is, your RIGS will be at its fullest.


We will never let compatibility issue be a barrier in your gaming world to your gaming partner. We will give you the best compatible peripherals according to your gaming preferences.


We value your taste of choice. From the looks up to its performance, your creativity will be our manuals.


No need to come to us, just sit tight, prepare your gaming strategy and we will deliver your RIGs at your very front doorsteps.