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Workstations and Notebooks

Design your own workstation tailored to your needs and get the performance and reliability you need for professional work at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of branded laptops, notebooks and ultrabook that suits your personal or professional needs at a very resonable price.

Networking Requirements

Widen your capability to access, share and store data by choosing the right networking equipments that fits your budget. We will help you select the suitable appliance that helps your business needs.

Printing Requirements

Print wirelessly from any room in your office with your smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac. Choose from inkjet, laserjet, wide-format and dot matrix for printing out your invoices. Print more for less and avoid risky refills with the original toners and cartridges.

Legacy/IP Telephony

Centralize your telephony management that supports both VOIP and traditional voice on a single system. Get the ultimately flexible and reliable telephone system that meets the needs of your organization.

Mobile Devices

Improve your mobility by checking portable handheld computing device from worldwide well-known brands. Check out the latest trends from us

Tech Accessories

Enhance your experience with a variety of peripherals that you can use personally or with your profession. From wired to wireless keyboard and mouse, presenter, headphones wired/bluetooth speakers and mouse mats